Five of Magaluf's biggest events presented to you by your favourite celebrities


You’ve landed and met up with the gang, now it’s time to meet the celebs. This is your chance to get up close and personal as we head off to our VIP destination where cocktails and bottles will be flowing.

Our in resort camera team will capture all the action and make sure you get those Instagram pics you’ve dreamed of! Unfortunately there is no red carpet, we are here to do one thing and one thing only, PARTY!

Our celebs are hand picked to maximise mayhem. At the Meet & Greet you will be introduced, get to know them and then we let the chaos commence. Trust us, these guys know how to party!


Forget fancy cruise ships with caviar and your granny, this ship is about to go off!

We set sail with some of Magaluf’s finest DJs, cruise the Med for 3 hours with non stop floor fillers and celebrity action, topped off with a full bar and the celebrities in charge of the mic. What could go wrong?

Dive into our swim stop and fill your glasses up, this ship is not to be missed!


It’s time to meet up with The Celebrity Takeover crew and hit the bright lights on the Magaluf Strip. Your celebrities will take you to the best venues Magaluf has to offer and of course, we have VIP access!

It’s not every night you get to go out drinking with a celebrity so we made the most of it. Each venue provides us with special Celebrity Takeover prices meaning that all you have to worry about is how good your Insta story is.

On it like a car bonnet is what the Geordies say. So grab a drinking buddy because this is about to get messy!


It’s time do do some lines with the celebs. Yes you heard that right!

We are heading to a bingo rave for all ages. Bingo like you have never played before. Raving & dauber waving is what this night consists of with a lot of alcohol added, we guarantee this night has it all.

Not many people can say they have played bingo with Love Island celebs whilst necking tequila shots singing Sweet Caroline until 6am. Well now YOU can.


It’s time to get your swim suits on and get oiled up because we are off to our Celebrity Pool Party. We picked the best venue to get stripped off & go wild in. BH Pool Parties are the biggest in Magaluf with a fully operational water park on site.

Grab a bed & bottle and soak it up VIP style. Celebrities love pool party’s and so do we. Especially when BCM resident DJs are supplying all the summer tunes.

It’s time to let our hair down, get the pool side celebrity snaps and party until the sun goes down!